Spreading the Wallet!

So, to affirm my mantra of Understanding, Acceptance and Utilisation and put my digital currency where my mouth is, I have set myself a personal goal of spreading the news amongst my own family as my starting point.

So conundrum where to start, start close I think and spread outwards to the branches of the family tree. So which of my nearest and dearest is best to choose, let us look at the options, first option, eldest Son, does he fit my immediate need? Young (tick), technically savvy (tick), embraces change (tick), has large mixed demographic of friends (tick) and hell, he is doing a Maths Degree so he soooooo gets it but NO, problem, he has a personal and deep felt need to leave his technical gadgetry strewn across the far and wide and share them with their lucky finders and adopters and I would rather keep the family Bitcoins a little safer closer to home. Number One Son ruled out!

Number two and youngest Son, Young (tick), technically savvy (double tick), embraces change (tick), has large mixed demographic of friends (tick), is personally bonded to all his technical gadgetry (double tick), in fact so much so that they may be found permanently attached or in very close proximity to his paws. Aaaaah, yes, I think he must be my starting point, but NO, fast forward and I can immediately see how this may be perceived by the heir as favouritism to the spare! No, this is just too painful for my head to visualise as a reality. Number Two Son ruled out as Mama cannot consider creating such grief in the future for herself!

Now this is where I share with you that I am an ONLY but not am I only an ONLY, I am the cute offspring of two ONLY’s which of course means, no brothers and sisters , no aunts and uncles, and no delightful nieces or nephews, my family tree bears a reduced fruit on which I can harvest.

Ok, so now I am digging deep, if I cannot go down or laterally then I must harvest from the top of the tree and such a feat I now place before myself. My lovely elderly parents could certainly not be described as silver surfers, Papa Bear owns zero technical gadgetry and Mama Bear is the proud possessor of my own, first ever mobile phone which she loves dearly and which can always be found safely within her handbag and switched on only at convenient times to herself which is not always the “convenient times” I need to speak to her (and of course, never, ever switched on in Church!), however, she does also own a pc (tick), has her own e-mail address (tick) and after being recently bed bound and unable to collect religiously her daily paper, my little furry self went out and purchased her a tablet, although I am assured by MB that it is not the same as handling paper (tick) and finally and not least, she has a diverse demographic of friends spread across all continents (treble tick, go MB!) Ok, MB it is, watch this space as I share with you MB’s entry into the World of Digital Currency. Perhaps, a little prayer for us both would be good at this point if you really wouldn’t mind but please, please remember to put your phone on silent for MB! 😉 ………………………

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  1. hello just discovered your blog tguhroh My Sardinian Life looking forward to reading more about you and your life love the idea of collecting moments and realising our life is made up of such moments. Thank you

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