Bitcoins are a girl’s best friend forever and now there is a BTC ring to prove it!

OMG, I want one, please pretty please, I promise to be good all year (tricky one but I will try 😉)! Oh yes, whilst I love a diamond (find me a girlie who doesn’t!) as a digital currency kind of girl, I want one of those digital currency rings, in fact, I don’t want, I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED one of those rings!!!

Now, how to get one that is the next conundrum that I face, as we girlies know, the direct approach does not work, NO, I think I need to warm WGOH (Wonderful, Glorious, Other Half) up to the idea slowly, strategically and more importantly successfully!

A plan must be put in place, WGOH must think that it is his idea, he must feel that it is important that his cutesy MUST have one for all to admire, now can I wait until Christmas, NO I cannot considering my NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED that I feel deep seated within me, to enjoy the pleasure of this very, very special shiny glistening on my paw, and sadly the Birthday has long gone and just won’t come around quick enough to feed my NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

Think? I must have done something recently that WGOH might feel needs rewarding in that special kind of way that only jewellery will suffice. I must work harder on being a good girlie so that he can appreciate my worth from afar (damn, a more closer proximity would have helped my immediate cause!).

That’s it, lift my game, cook lots of his delicious favourites and deposit them in the freezer for immediate rescue on his return, up my visit to the gym by one (that will mean I actually go and the gym staff no longer say, “long time no see” 😉 Pick up his winter coat from the dry cleaners which has been keeping them warm for the last month, polish his shoes that I picked up from the shoe menders and place them carefully in his wardrobe for his immediate shiny utilisation on his return. Tidy the garage in order to hide the new bathroom suite that I purchased at an absolute steal but probably contributed to this month’s slight deficit in the household account and which I am yet to find a suitable plumber to install!!😉

Aaah but then those kind, lovely, gorgeous, ingenious, creative people at could just take pity on me, and save me from hours in the kitchen, gym and garage by letting me do some beta and utilisation testing on their most gorgeous product just to make sure ………………………… aaah a girl can but dream, and in the meantime, just off to the shops to buy a trolley full of groceries, find my trainers and dust them off from the back of the wardrobe and bribe Number Two Son to start the BIG garage sort out taking care not to damage the bathroom suite that just isn’t there!

I am going to be doing a little mining of my own for my special little shiny, wish me luck 🙂

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  1. Well I love the idea. I always have a shiny facsimile of a bitcoin that I carry with me for luck. But you HAVE to redesign that ring. Those sharp edges are going to immediately catch in the first sweater you put on, destroying the sweater and possibly damaging your ring. All the images of BTC are round. That would be more clothing friendly. Think of it – a tiny perfect golden disk with a Bitcoin B.
    I’d like one please!

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