New York Bitcoin Robbery – Literally a digital currency mugging!!

A twenty eight year old man was forced at gunpoint to transfer $1,100 worth of bitcoins to his assailants.  The victim was forced to handover the bitcoins at gunpoint after arranging to meet the thief via Craigslist and to carry out a bona fide digital currency transaction before it clearly went, very, very wrong.

The victim was invited into the vehicle which was parked close to Troy Avenue and Crown Street on 27 May 2015 and after being invited, duly sat in the front passenger seat of the silver Honda to carry out what he believed was to finalise a legitimate sale, when a gun was pulled on him from an assailant hiding in the back of the vehicle.

The man was then forced by his assailants to make the transfer and was thus robbed of his digital currency.  The virtual thieves then stole the victim’s mobile phone and fled the scene.  As of Thursday, the thieves had not been identified or apprehended, the police said.

This is a sad piece of digital currency news to report and one which should remind us all, of the true value of our bitcoins and how we should remain vigilant at all times to ensure that they remain safely in our digital wallets, until we willingly wish to transact with them in a legitimate safe environment.

Please be vigilant and take care with your wallets, I so despise the “bad guys”, but sadly they have been part of our global society from the stone age to modern day and I do not doubt, sadly, will appear in humanity’s future.

And for the gentleman in question who befell such a heinous crime, I am so very sorry, thinking of you and please do your best to try to not to let this impact your perception of society as a whole.

Your assailants reflect a small percentage of humanity and not the majority and long may that remain a fact.

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  1. This is a perfect reminder that Bitcoin is like cash. You would be unlikely to wander into a strangers car with $1000 in cash – why do it with bitcoins. Some simple rules to follow.
    1. Where possible transact business on a legitimate platform (I know that doesn’t suit everybody but, if it does, then a legitimate platform is the most secure way to transact business).
    2. If you are face to face buying or selling bitcoin do it in a public place like a coffee shop. You’re not doing anything illegal so don’t put yourself at risk.
    3. Have an everyday wallet with limited funds that you are willing to lose. It wasn’t clear if the transaction value was $1000 or if the transaction value was lower and the wallet had $1000 but keep an everyday wallet with a balance that you can give to a mugger if necessary (rather than put yourself at risk) and it’s a manageable loss.

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