The West Must Now Sanction Russia, Putin, and Belarus

overhead shot of a russian passport on a cement surface
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Putin has invaded Ukraine. There are no if’s or buts, it’s clear to the world what has happened.

It’s now time for the West to make a decision that will have a generational impact. If they do nothing or respond with half hearted measures this will be a disaster for the Ukraine and Europe.

The US and other Western nations are already reeling from their shambolic exit from Afghanistan. Backing down to Putin will be the final nail in the coffin for the current World Order.

The US and UK need to lead the way in this.

The US because they are the only country in the world that can genuinely enforce a global sanctions regime and with the teeth to enforce those santions.

The UK because, like it or not, the UK has become the Clearing House for Russian money onto the world stage.

Both these nations need to act fast and need to act hard.

Germany and Italy, among others need to understand that compliance is not optional. The US threatened Corporations that did business in Iran despite Europe being reluctant to act. The US now needs to do the same with companies doing business with Russia and Belarus.

European nations and companies within these countries need to be made painfully aware that if they continue to do business with Russia or Belarus there will be severe consequences. These companies must be hauled in front of US courts and prosecuted. With the potential of prison terms for executives and fines for the companies these sanctions can stick.

This is no longer something the West can afford to wait and see what happens. Will Europe suffer? Yes of course. Energy prices will soar but that should be a lesson to the Europe and the UK that relying on Russian Gas was a strategic error.

There are also solutions. In the short term Europe and the UK should relax their push toward green energy. There is much greater energy capacity in Europe than is currently used. This can then be replaced, over time, with sustainable alternatives. This must be more acceptable than continuing to finance Russia and Putin’s murder of innocent people – lets not hide this fact. Purchasing Russian gas finances state sponsored murder and theft and now invasion against an innocent nation – is that really what the liberal left want?

This has gone beyond the stage where we can afford to listen to platitudes from European nations more interested in economic ties than justice and freedom.

Enough is enough.

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