Google’s New Ad Policy: Welcoming Blockchain Games & NFTs, Curbing Gambling Issues

Google will update its advertising policy in September 2023 to accommodate the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain gaming. This decision comes as regulators express concerns about gambling in these emerging digital realms.

The updated policy will be implemented globally and aims to provide clarity on promoting NFTs and related products through Google Ads. Advertisers promoting gambling-related NFT content will need to comply with Google’s gambling policy and get certification.

Starting September 15, advertisers can run ads for NFT games that don’t promote gambling. Acceptable NFT game ads will include in-game purchases of virtual items to enhance the user’s experience. However, simulated casino games with NFT rewards will still be prohibited.

Google’s decision demonstrates its commitment to innovation and responsible advertising. By allowing ads for NFT games without gambling, Google acknowledges blockchain-based gaming’s potential while setting boundaries to protect users.

NFTs are unique digital assets recorded on a blockchain and have gained traction. They can represent artwork, music, virtual real estate, and in-game items. Their uniqueness and scarcity have created a thriving market.

The rise of NFTs has raised concerns about gambling. Integrating NFTs into gambling sites and simulated casino games with NFT rewards has prompted regulators to call for guidelines to prevent exploitation and protect users.

Google’s updated ad policy prohibits ads leading to gambling sites with NFTs. By regulating gambling-related content, Google aims to protect users and maintain responsible advertising.

Advertisers promoting gambling-related NFT content need certification. Adhering to Google’s gambling policy ensures ads meet requirements.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are evolving, so it’s crucial for platforms like Google to adapt policies. Google aims to foster a responsible environment while providing clarity and boundaries.

The update to Google’s ad policy for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games creates a transparent and accountable advertising landscape. Platforms must balance innovation and ethical standards as NFTs and blockchain gaming grow.

Advertisers and creators in the NFT and blockchain gaming space should familiarize themselves with Google’s updated ad policy. By following guidelines and getting certification, they can reach a wider audience responsibly.

In conclusion, Google’s updated ad policy for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games shows its commitment to responsible advertising. By allowing ads for NFT games without gambling and regulating gambling-related content, Google balances innovation and user protection. Platforms must adapt policies for a thriving and responsible ecosystem.

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