Google Revises Ad Policy to Welcome NFT Gaming Ads

Google has announced a new advertising policy that will allow advertisers to promote blockchain-based games featuring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This update aims to provide clearer guidelines for advertising in the rapidly expanding NFT gaming market.

Under the revised policy, advertisers must follow Google’s gambling and games policy, obtain the required Google Ads certification, and meet specific criteria for ad approval. This change is part of Google’s efforts to ensure a secure and compliant advertising environment for cryptocurrencies and related products.

By allowing NFT gaming ads, Google presents advertisers with the opportunity to reach a previously untapped market and expand their potential audience. These ads will focus on NFT games that allow players to acquire virtual clothing and weapons, enhancing their gaming experience and progression.

It’s important to note that Google will still prohibit ads for games that promote “real money gambling” or social casino games that reward NFTs. The focus remains on maintaining a secure and responsible advertising ecosystem.

This decision comes at a time when blockchain-based games are gaining popularity. NFTs, representing unique digital assets, have attracted attention in recent years. They enable players to securely own and trade in-game items, artwork, and collectibles using blockchain technology.

For advertisers, this policy update opens up a new opportunity to connect with potential customers. By capitalizing on the growing interest in NFT gaming, advertisers can engage with audiences passionate about this unique form of entertainment. The ability to advertise these products globally will further amplify the impact of these ads.

Google places great emphasis on compliance with local laws to ensure responsible advertising. Advertisers are expected to follow the laws and regulations of the regions where their ads are targeted. While violations will not lead to immediate account suspension, advertisers will receive prior warnings to address any issues.

A spokesperson from Google emphasized the importance of complying with local laws, stating, “We expect all advertisers to comply with the local laws for any area that their ads target.” This highlights Google’s commitment to ethical advertising practices and protecting users from potentially harmful or misleading content.

The inclusion of NFT gaming ads in Google’s advertising policy is a significant advancement for the industry. Advertisers now have a platform to showcase their blockchain-based games, enticing players with the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience through unique virtual items. This policy change reflects the growing recognition of NFTs as a legitimate and valuable aspect of the gaming ecosystem.

As the gaming industry evolves, advertising policies must adapt and keep up with emerging trends. By embracing NFT gaming ads, Google demonstrates its dedication to supporting innovative and immersive gaming experiences while upholding responsible advertising practices.

In summary, Google’s updated advertising policy, effective September 15, will allow NFT gaming ads. Advertisers must comply with Google’s gambling and games policy, obtain certification, and meet specific requirements for ad approval. This change provides advertisers with the opportunity to enter a new market, expand their reach, and engage with a wider audience. By embracing NFT gaming, Google supports the growth of blockchain-based games while maintaining a responsible advertising ecosystem.

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